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Established 21st July 1990


The ESMBA have now formulated part 1 of their Coaching Policy and this will be implemented with immediate effect.

ESMBA have elected to pursue coaching excellence through Coach Bowls.

Coach Bowls have agreed to recognise ESMBA existing approved Coaches at Coach Bowls Level 1, providing these coaches become members of Coach Bowls currently just under £10 per annum. These coaches however will not be certificated and hence may well have issues in gaining access to schools, leisure centres and the like.

The ESMBA will encourage all ESMBA existing approved short mat coaches to attend and pass Coach Bowls Level 1, current cost of these professionally recognised certificates is £130. Copies of Certificate will need to be submitted to the ESMBA Coaching Director. This qualification will help coaches in visiting schools and the like. Information about coaching courses can be found online at

ESMBA coaches must hold a current DBS Certificate current cost £12. The ESMBA Safeguarding Officer must have sight of it, contact

ESMBA coaches must have a current First Aid Certificate, copies of current certificates if held are required. A recognised certificated course is St. John Ambulance Essential First Aid (All Ages) cost £30. To book a course visit. Similar courses are also available at local tertiary colleges.

The ESMBA will recognise Coach Bowls Level 1 coaches to coach short mat providing they are members of the ESMBA and Coach Bowls, play short mat and hold current DBS and First Aid Certificates. These coaches will be added to our approved coaches list. Copies of all certificates must be submitted to the coaching director.

ESMBA will licence short mat coaches. This will be in the form of a Licence to Coach Agreement.

Coaches will be expected to promote the game of short mat bowls and be pro-active in coaching (not wait to be asked). They will be expected to organise coaching sessions and submit coaching summaries quarterly to the ESMBA Coaching Director. A form will be provided.

The ESMBA will arrange CPD (Continuous Professional Development) modules, which coaches will be expected to attend. The ESMBA recognise that this new improved coaching policy requires a great deal of commitment on the part of coaches and with this in mind the ESMBA will pay towards achieving the qualifications needed. Initially the ESMBA will fund up to three course costs for Cornwall.

First Aid Courses will be reimbursed on sight of the certificate at the same ratio as above or by previous agreement and DBS costs will be refunded on receipt of the update registration number.

Individuals should book and pay for all courses and reclaim when completed.

The ESMBA will refund the first year membership for our current coaches to join Coach Bowls, those wishing to take Level 1 will become members automatically when achieving a pass.

The CCSMBA will co-ordinate applications for the funded places in the first instance.

Added 14 November 2017