The roles and responsibilities of the County Team Manager, County Selection Committee and County Squad members are described below.

    1. It is the responsibility of the County Team Manager to arrange the selection of all County Teams to represent Cornwall in inter-County competitions (see County Team Managerís Job Description at Section 4 Page 7 Para 1.1).
    2. He chairs the County Selection Committee comprising himself and 2 Team Captains nominated by him to head the Premier and the A Teams.
    1. The County Selection Committee is responsible for selecting the members of the County Squad ie the 2 teams and 2 reserves for each team, totalling 22 players per team. The Committee meets regularly and as often as necessary for the selection process. The squad members are selected from the players on the County Points List (see Section 9 Points System).
    2. The Selection Committee is responsible for organising a Practice Day to assist in the final selection of the 2 teams and this date is included in the County Programme (see Section 10).
    3. Should a vacancy occur within the Premier Team, the Selection Committee will first consider promoting a member of the A Team before looking elsewhere, and will normally place new or reserve players in the A Team rather than in the Premier Team.
    4. All players selected should be notified as soon as possible by either the County Team Manager or the appropriate delegated Team Captain.
    5. The Selection Committee will arrange for the Team Lists to be released to the local press and displayed at County Competitions where possible.
    1. Players who wish to be considered for the County Squad must be available for all home and away matches whether played in the South West or any other part of the country.
    2. Reserves are expected to travel with their teams.
    3. Any member of the squad who will not travel to an away match without a reason which, in the opinion of the County Selection Committee is justified, will not thereafter be considered for County Squad selection in the current or following year.
    4. All Premier and A Team members are expected to pay the agreed amount towards the cost of hiring a venue for home matches and the cost of travel to away matches. The only cost which a reserve is expected to pay is the pro rata travel cost for away matches, ie the full amount if playing in both games or half the amount if playing in only one.
    5. All County Squad members must wear County jumpers. Male members must wear county ties and female members must wear County cravats. All County Squad members must use the County stickers provided.
    6. All County Squad members must conduct themselves in a proper manner and not bring the CCSMBA into disrepute.