1. The Rules and Conditions of Play in this Section 8 have been set by the CCSMBA Management Committee under Para 7.3 of the CCSMBA Constitution and apply to every competition organised by the CCSMBA unless stated otherwise.
    2. The Committee is the final interpreter of these Rules and has the right to amend them as necessary.
    3. The Committee is empowered to take disciplinary action against any affiliated member or club in breach of these Rules and Conditions of Play - see Para 7.5 of the Constitution.
    4. Appeals will be dealt with according to Para 7.6 of the Constitution.
    1. County Competitions : affiliated individuals or teams compete for a County Championship or title. Team members do not have to be affiliated through the same club, except for the Rea Francis Competition. These competitions are listed at Appendix 2 which also shows the playing format.
    2. National Championships - see Para 10 below.
    3. Area Winter League - see Appendix 1.
    4. Inter-Area leagues and competitions, ie
      • Bebbington Cup - see Para 11 below
      • Inter-Area Competition - see Para 12 below
      • Inter-Area League Competition - see Para 13 below.
    5. Summer League - rules will be issued separately with the competition entry forms.
    6. Other competitions organised from time to time (eg charity competitions) – for which rules will be specified at the time.
    7. The Competition Secretary is responsible, with the help of the Assistant Competition Secretary, for running all County competitions except the Area Winter League (see Appendix 1), the Summer League and the Inter-Area League and Competition (which are run by the Area Representatives with the assistance of the Competition Secretary). Any other Committee Member may assist as required.
    8. County points are awarded for certain competitions – see Section 9 of the Information Pack.
    9. All County competitions will take precedence over every other competition except those run by the ESMBA.
    10. All clubs should notify the Competition Secretary of their own events to avoid clashes with the County fixture list.
  3. ENTRY
    1. Competition entry forms for County Competitions and the National Championships will be sent out to every Club secretary during the summer for return by a specified closing date. No further entries will be accepted after that date.
    2. All competition entry fees will be set by the County Management Committee each year. All cheques must be made payable to the CCSMBA.
    3. Players must be affiliated to the County before entering any competition.
    4. A player may affiliate through one club only and represent only that club in the Rea Francis and the Area Winter League.
    5. The Committee reserves the absolute right to refuse any entry deemed inappropriate.
    6. The venue, date and signing-in time for any competition to be played centrally will be stated on the competition entry form and further confirmed with the draw results.
    7. All players, including singles players, must have matching stickers on all bowls used in the competition. County stickers may only be used when playing for the County.
    1. As soon as possible after the closing date, the Competition Secretary in the presence of the Assistant Competition Secretary and 2 other Committee members will, at a named venue to which all members affiliated to the County will be invited, draw the playing order for each of the competitions listed at Appendix 2 (except the Champion of Champions and the Under 25s which have a much later closing date to allow for the completion of individual club championships). This will be a straight draw of all entrants with no prior attempt to categorise or seed the entries, with the exception of the circumstance described at Para 4.6 below. The 2 other Committee members will each be given a copy of the draw to take away with them.
    2. The draw results will then be sent out to Club secretaries well in advance of playing dates.
    3. Entry fees are not refundable once the draw has been made.
    4. Once a draw has been made it will determine the order of play for the group stages. If a knockout stage is required before Finals Day a redraw will take place to determine the order of play. A further draw will take place on Finals Day - see 6.3.1.
    5. If a singles player or a team drops out, then the subsequent entries drawn will move up one place. No additional player or team can be slotted in to fill a vacant place therefore, in the case of competitions played at a central venue, the organiser will have to work with the numbers on the day, ie the ‘Order of Play’ for Groups will be amended if necessary before play starts on the day.
    6. In the case of a 2 day event, those players who have business or work commitments, or can demonstrate very special circumstances, may be allowed to choose the day they wish to play, provided this is stated on the entry form and accompanied by a written request. In the event of insufficient entries, the Competition Secretary, with the approval of the Committee, reserves the right to run any such competition on 1 day only, either Saturday or Sunday. Entrants who have specified a chosen day may in this case have to withdraw.
      No player or team may change their mind after the closing date. If unable to play on the day drawn, competitors must withdraw from the competition.
  5. DRESS
    1. Players must wear the following CCSMBA regulation bowling attire.
    2. Flat-soled shoes or sandals specifically manufactured for bowling in black, brown, grey or white.
    3. Mid-grey (not charcoal or light grey) trousers for men, or skirt, culottes or tailored trousers for ladies as per colour samples provided by the CCSMBA; jeans, slacks, cords, tracksuit bottoms or any other casual trousers are not allowed.
    4. Plain collared shirt (blouse for a lady) or polo shirt in white or designated club colour; no self-patterns, stripes, coloured pattern or other decoration; no T shirts; plain white polo-necked jumpers may be worn provided they are worn under a collared shirt/blouse.
    5. In addition a V-necked sweater, sleeveless pullover or cardigan in white or the club colour may be worn.
    6. If club uniform is worn, all members of the team must wear it. The club shirt, whether white or coloured, shall form part of this uniform and therefore there shall me no requirement for all team members to wear their club jumpers when playing (eg 2 players in club shirt and 2 players in club shirt and club jumper is acceptable)
    7. County uniform may only be worn when playing for the County or marking County events.
    8. Umpires and officials are instructed to check and ensure compliance before play; anybody not dressed in accordance with the above will not be allowed to play.
    1. Most countywide competitions are initially played at a central venue over 1 or 2 days depending on the number of entries. A Round Robin Format (see 6.2 below) is used to find a total of 8 teams for the final stages, usually played on a subsequent Finals Day (see 6.3 below), to determine the winner. If the number of entries is low, the Round Robin and Finals stages may be combined on the same day.
      The exceptions are the County 4-Wood Mixed Pairs, the Rae Francis and the Team of 3 Competitions which are played in a Home and Away Format to a conclusion (see 6.4 below).
    2. Round Robin Format
      1. No trial ends are allowed, except at the Competition Secretary's discretion when one team has already played on the mat and their opponents have not.
      2. Visiting the head will be allowed at the discretion of the Competition Secretary. Threes up are not allowed. Time-wasting will not be tolerated.
      3. Ends per game will be played as follows:
        • County Singles - 11 ends
        • County Pairs - 11 ends
        • County Triples - 10 ends
        • County Fours - 9 ends
        • County Mixed Fours - 9 ends
        • County 2-Wood Singles - 15 ends
        • County 4-Wood Pairs - 9 ends
        • County Champion of Champions - 11 ends
        • County Under 25s Singles - 11 ends
      4. Each player or team will play a minimum of 3 games in groups of 4 where possible, with groups of 5 or 6 used where necessary. Exceptionally, if there are fewer than 16 entries, groups of 3 or a knockout format may be used at the Competition Secretary's discretion.
      5. Where it is necessary to utilise groups of 5 to fulfil the days play a scratch player/team will be used. The player/team within the group fulfilling this role is clearly defined in the group format and this bowler will be expected to play the additional game.
      6. The player/team with the highest overall points will be the winner of the group. Where teams are level on points the following criteria will be used to determine their group positions.
        1. shot difference
        2. head to head record
        3. shots scored
        4. ends won
      7. The teams going forward to the final stages will in all competitions be the winners of each group plus, in competitions where less than 32 players/teams take part, the runners up with the highest scores to make up total of 8 qualifiers. If a qualifying competition is run over 2 days a further knockout round will be played to reduce the 8 qualifiers down to 4 where necessary.
      8. Should any queries arise outside the scope of these Rules, the Umpire will refer to the ESMBA Laws of the Game.
      9. Any disputes on the day will be settled by the organiser together with at least one other Committee member present on the day.
    3. Finals Day
      1. The order of play for Finals day will be drawn on the day.
      2. 2 trial ends are allowed in all games (2 woods each way).
      3. Quarter and semi finals are played over the same number of ends as in 6.2.3 above.
      4. Finals are played over the same number of ends as the preceding stages.
      5. Finals are played in separate sessions to allow completion of each discipline.
      6. Mementoes will be awarded to the winners and runners-up of any County Final other than a team event. Perpetual trophies will be awarded at the Annual Presentation.
    4. Home and Away Format
      1. The Competitions currently played home and away to a conclusion are the County 4-Wood Mixed Pairs (see 6.4.6 below), the County Team of Three (see 6.4.7 below) and the Rae Francis (see 6.4.8 below).
      2. A team consiting of players from more than one club must play home matches at the venue of the club submitting the entry.
      3. It is the responsibility of both teams to contact their opponents with 3 dates for their home tie to take place within 7 days of the completion date of the previous round. Due consideration must be given to work commitments and travel problems. If, following the offer of 3 dates, teams cannot agree then the team rejecting the dates offered will forfeit the match.
      4. Once dates have been agreed they can only be changed with the agreement of both parties. If this is not possible the team breaking the date must forfeit the match and the other team will go through to the next round.
      5. The winner of each round will be responsible for returning the completed and properly signed score cards to the Competition Secretary. These should be returned within 4 days of the date played (it is recommended that cards posted should be sent 1st Class). Failure to do so could result in the next round opponents receiving a bye.
      6. County 4-Wood Mixed Pairs
        Played over 15 ends with 2 trial ends.
        The winner of each round is the pair which scored the greater number of shots over the 2 legs: if shots are equal after both legs, an extra end must be played to determine the winner.
      7. County Team of Three
        3 players play a singles (4 woods), pairs (2 woods) and triples (2 woods) game (in that order), each over 10 ends on the same mat with 2 trial ends for the singles and pairs. Teams will not be allowed to play with a member short. Each player must play in 2 disciplines only. The winner of each round is the team which scored the greater number of shots over the 2 legs: if shots are equal after both legs, an extra end must be played by the triple to determine the winner.
      8. Rae Francis Competition (all team members from same club, 1 team only per club)
        10 players play, in the following order, 2-wood fours, 2-wood triples, 2-wood pairs and 4-wood singles on a minimum of 2 mats, each over 10 ends with 2 trial ends for each discipline. Each player must play in 1 discipline only. The winner of each round is the team which scored the greater number of shots over the 2 legs: if shots are equal after both legs, an extra end must be played by the singles player to determine the winner.
        If the club entering does not have 2 mats, they may use a 2-mat venue within their own Area for the pupose of the competition.
      There is no longer a requirement for an Approved Marker to mark County Competition matches. However, the Cornwall County Approved Markers Scheme is still in operation as a stepping stone to the ESMBA Umpire qualification (see Section 7)
    1. Before the first game the following substitutions may be allowed using any other affiliated player who has not already entered that competition provided that the Competition Secretary is informed before signing-in time on the day :
      1 substitute in any pairs or triples competition
      2 substitutes in County Fours competitions: any substitutions in the Mixed Fours must preserve the team composition of 2 men and 2 ladies.
    2. There may be no substitutes in any singles competition at any stage. This includes the Champion of Champions Competition for which all entrants must have played in and won their own Club Championship.
    3. A player who has been substituted may not re-enter the competition.
    4. Any named player from a withdrawn team may be used as a substitute in any other team in the same event providing the first round has not commenced..
    5. On Finals Day a substitute may be used only in exceptional circumstances with the Competition Secretary’s approval and only if there have been no substitutions in previous rounds of the competition.
    6. If an original player is substituted, the substitute, not the original player, will receive any points awarded from the time of the substitution. However, the withdrawing player will keep any points earned up to the point of withdrawal.
    1. The following penalties will be applied unless the offender can demonstrate exceptional circumstances.
    2. Any player or team failing to sign in by the stated time will not be allowed to play.
    3. Any player or team failing to turn up at the Round Robin stage of any competition without giving at least 48 hours’ notice will be banned from entering that competition the following year.
    4. Any player or team failing to turn up on Finals Day will not be awarded any points (for that discipline and for all the disciplines he has gained points from in that season) and will be banned from entering that discipline in the following year.
    5. Bans will be applied by the County Management Committee to the player or team concerned as laid down at Para 7.5 of the CCSMBA Constitution.
    6. Banned players or teams have the right of appeal, which must be lodged in writing with the County Secretary within 14 days of the ban and will be settled by the Management Committee according to Para 7.6 of the CCSMBA Constitution.
  10. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (qualifying rounds for the National Finals played at the National Venue)
    1. The qualifying rounds for these competitions will be played on a Round Robin basis at a venue and time to be advised to players by the Competition Secretary.
    2. The winning players must be prepared to represent Cornwall at these finals, according to the County’s allocation of places.
    3. Any player who fails to attend the finals will be banned from entering all National and County competitions for the following season.
    4. National Championships will be played to ESMBA format.
    1. The winners of the 4 Area Winter Leagues will compete against each other at a stated venue on a date specified in the County Fixture List.
    2. The Competition Secretary must be notified of the Area winners by the end of March.
    3. The Competition will be played on a Round Robin basis to a given format with all Areas playing each other.
    4. Players will compete in 2 teams of 4 over 10 ends using 2 woods each with matching stickers.
    5. 2 trail ends per game will be permitted.
    6. 2 points will be awarded to each winning team, 1 for a draw.
    7. The Area team with the highest overall points/ shots will win the Bebbington Cup and will be awarded this trophy at the Annual Presentations.
    8. A club failing to represent an area at the finals day will result in the club facing disciplinary action.
    1. The 4 Areas will compete against each other on a date specified in the County Fixture List.
    2. Each Area team will consist of 32 players in 8 rinks of 4, organised and captained by the Area Representative, who is responsible for collecting the entry fee from each player.
    3. ESMBA Rules apply.
    4. Each team of 4 will play 3 games over 9 ends with no trial ends, using 2 woods each with matching Area stickers as provided.
    5. The Area team with the highest overall points/shots will win the Kernow Cup and will be awarded this trophy at the Annual Presentations.
    1. The 4 Areas will compete against each other on a league basis on dates specified in the County Fixture List.
    2. Each Area team will be organised and captained by the Area Representative, who is responsible for collecting the entry fee from each player.
    3. Each Area team will consist of 20 players grouped as 2 singles, 2 pairs, 2 triples and 2 fours playing to the ESMBA Inter-County Competition (ICC) format, ie
      Singles : 4 woods over 15 ends
      Pairs : 2 woods over 15 ends
      Triples : 2 woods over 11 ends
      Fours : 2 woods over 9 ends.
      2 trial ends are allowed for each game.
    4. All team players must use their own Area coloured stickers as provided.
    5. 2 points will be awarded to the winner of each game, or 1 point each for a draw.
    6. Two points will be awarded for each individual game won with one point each for a drawn game. There will be two additional match points for the team with the highest shots in each discipline - Singles, Pairs, Triples & Fours - a total of 8 additional match points. These points will be shared in the event of tied shots in a discipline.
    7. The Area league team with the highest overall points/shots will win the Newton Challenge Shield and will be awarded the trophy at the Annual Presentations.